In order to assess anything you first need to find out where does it go? In order to find out your rate of productivity at work observe your habits and discover how you can maximize your input professionally.

Time management is the most essential concept pivotal to productivity. If you often find yourself saying “I don’t have time for this” or postponing tasks because your day is too short; get hold of yourself and begin managing your time more efficiently and effectively at work.

A typical work day consists of keeping appointments, supervisory duty, attending meetings, reviewing or writing proposals and reports, project completion, travelling and making phone calls etc. The following step will be able to make your day productive in one way or the other.

1. Keep a diary

Keeping a diary is a great way of increasing productivity at work. It helps you realize how much time is being wasted and which an increase or decrease can happen. Pinpoint each detail of your day in your diary and keep track of everything for about a month, at the end of which you will know what caused most interruptions in your professional day.

2. Establish Goals keeping in view their Priority

It is necessary to plan ahead. Without doing so you would be up to absolutely nothing and anything that comes up. However if your day is planned and you have got clearly defined goals to achieve, you will surely spend a great day at work. Another thing to keep in view as regards to productivity is the priority of what you have to do. If all the tasks are lined up according to their status of prioritization and importance, nothing will run amiss and you will be saved from rushing and making deadlines at the end of the day.

3. Learn How to Plan Your Activities

Goal setting and planning go hand in hand. The planning consists of understanding and building up your schedule according to the 5 P’s.

  • Prior
  • Planning
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance

All of the above P’s in one way or the other need beforehand thought. If you understand their importance, it will certainly enlighten your path to efficiency. In addition to verbal planning, keeping a ‘Planner’ always comes in handy on such occasions. It could be paper or software based. If by chance your plans are somewhat psycho or could be considered evil, its best if those get put on the backburner.

4. Keep Interruptions to a Minimum

It is the age of the smartphones, tablets and laptops. Although having many advantages, these things have negative aspects too. The intense social networking lying in your pocket is one such dilemma. Every time your concentration is broken, you spend a certain amount of time reorienting yourself. While at work keep your mind absolutely clear from such distractions. Use your smartphone only when it is extremely necessary.

5. Keep your Work Area Organized

Messy desk is a big time waster. Many people still waste a considerable amount of time rummaging through the paper on their desks looking for some piece of vital information. Get into the habit of handling a piece of paper just once. When you first pick it up, deal with it. If it is not important, throw it away; if important, read it and reply; if need it later then file it.