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The He Said, She Said of Mother’s Day

He Said:  He says “Have you seen anything you like recently?” – He means “Every day you mention 20 things you love or can’t live without, will you hurry up and pick one!” He says “Are you sure that’s the one you want?” – He means “I’ve looked up the reviews on the product you want and its average at best, it may be better to wait till next year’s model or go with a different gift.” He says “So did you have a place in mind that you wanted to have dinner” – He means “Please tell me...

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The Seven Steps to Plan a Perfect Marriage Proposal

These simple steps will help you hack your marriage proposal.    First congratulations on finding your future wife!  Knowing you found the woman you want to marry is one of the most exciting (and most terrifying) moments in a man’s life.  There is one thing that unifies all men when they are planning a proposal: they want to make their soon-to-be fiancée happy.  You want this to proposal to be perfect.  A marriage proposal that she will always look back on as one of the happiest moments of her life.   So let’s get started. Step 1 picking a marriage proposal...

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3 Things to remember when talking with your spouse

1: Timing Matters Try not to start an argument with each other in inopportune times. I’m sure every couple at some point has started an argument on the way to family gathering, party, or social event. Some events are even more increasingly stressful if they’re outside of your partners comfort zone, is your wife in introvert and are you on the way to a place with lots a strangers she will need to meet? She will be thankful that you waited to continue conversation at home. Remember the context your spouse is living within. What has his/her day been...

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Watch Guide for 2016

It wasn’t until WW1 when soldiers were tired of digging in their pockets that they decided to start wearing it on their wrist. Until then, a watch on the wrist was considered a women’s fashion trend. Today much like many other fashion staples watches are one of the most important accessories in a man’s wardrobe, a must have. From the point of view of others a wristwatch is one of the first things other will notice about you.  It can increases the sex appeal, show you understand trends (or don’t), and give a glimpse of your economic status or...

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5 Ways to Be More Productive At Work

In order to assess anything you first need to find out where does it go? In order to find out your rate of productivity at work observe your habits and discover how you can maximize your input professionally. Time management is the most essential concept pivotal to productivity. If you often find yourself saying “I don’t have time for this” or postponing tasks because your day is too short; get hold of yourself and begin managing your time more efficiently and effectively at work. A typical work day consists of keeping appointments, supervisory duty, attending meetings, reviewing or writing...

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