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The Best Texts to Send Your Wife From Work

Keeping your relationship vibrant, sexy, and romantic is part of your job as a husband. Most of us love to make our wives smile, and sending a text message that lights her up every single day is an easy way to make her day great as well as your own. There’s only one problem—what should you send her? You obviously don’t want to make her think you’re just trying to sext her, but you also want to stay true to how you feel without being too over-the-top. Finding a compromise begins with getting inspired. That’s why we’ve come up...

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Top 10 TV Shows For Couples

Whenever you are in a serious committed relationship there comes a point when you want things to do with your partner. In most cases they opt the world’s best hobby and past time, watching television. Now there might be conflicts if your girlfriend is into different stuffs but I’m sure the list that I am going to present might help you get over those arguments. So these are some of the best shows that can help you bond with your partner. 1.The Man in High Castle A new show which is based on an alternate timeline where the Nazi’s...

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