Whenever you are in a serious committed relationship there comes a point when you want things to do with your partner. In most cases they opt the world’s best hobby and past time, watching television. Now there might be conflicts if your girlfriend is into different stuffs but I’m sure the list that I am going to present might help you get over those arguments. So these are some of the best shows that can help you bond with your partner.

1.The Man in High Castle

A new show which is based on an alternate timeline where the Nazi’s win the war and now America is divided in to three parts one of them controlled by German. The show goes on and tell you how precious is your freedom and to what extent anyone can go to gain it. The show has many parallel characters one of them if Julianna who goes to another city to find her sister’s killer and another who gets assigned that mission she is going to. It has a lot of things going on but overall it really is a very well-choreographed show and your girlfriend would really love an alternate to your present history.

2. Catastrophe

A women encounters a man and have nonstop sex with him for a wild weekend getaway but it turns out the women gets pregnant and from that point on the story get very interesting. It shows how they then become an item, how they work on their relationship. All is good in this not so catastrophic show, frankly one of the best sitcom I’ve seen lately and I’m pretty sure your lady love would love it.

3. The Americans

This show is based on a couple who are Russian KGB agents working here in America to spy over different things. The interesting part about this show is that the couple are just two random people assigned to each other and slow with time they start caring for each other and have children. The plot revolves around how they can offer their children a normal life safe from spies and agents and still manage to work for their country. The chemistry between the lead actors is outstanding especially when they are stuck in different scenarios.

4. Mozart in the Jungle

Amazon’s new show Mozart in the Jungle might not have the best of the titles but it is turning out to be a smash among the fans especially if you and your girlfriend are into classical music. The show is filled in with some powerful performance and its light romantic New York tone really keeps you interested in the show. If you are a Woody Allen fan I’m sure this one’s for you.

5. Arrow

Based on the comics from DC about a man who comes back 5years after he was declared dead just to save his city from destruction. Now you might be thinking why I would want to watch this with my gal but the truth is, it is much more than that. It revolves around emotions a changed man who deeply cares for the people around him and for the person he loves. The arrow has many misfortunes along the way but sometimes even in the hardest moments he comes up to be a true gentlemen for the person he loves.

6. Fringe

One of my favorite show on the list, the plot center around 3 people an FBI agent, a mad scientist and his son the only person to control his father. The story revolves how the son and the agent comes to terms for their feelings of each other and how they manage to survive against all odds. The fun part is, the show is so beautifully directed that it goes perfectly with the fringe events going on parallel with the characters emotions. After season 4 it get more emotional and interesting especially the love life that it starts to make me jealous and it would definitely help you get to propose for marriage with your lady love.

7. House of Cards

A Netflix produced show about a US senator and his wife and how evil are they together. It is so much fun to watch because the show tells us how much can you achieve with your wife and how against everyone you are still the smartest person in the room. Spoiler alert the man gets to be the president of the United States just because he had that stunning wife right by his side. This show will definitely make you marry you gal.

8. The Walking Dead

Story of one man who after a long coma wakes up to a zombie apocalypse and see the world around him has changed and there is nothing that he can recognize. In the beginning the show revolves around how the man get to find his wife against all the zombies and second after finding them to what extend does he goes to keep them safe. A very interesting show for couple who are into zombie stuff.

9. How I Met Your Mother

Definitely one of the best romantic comedy show to come out after the legendary TV show FRIENDS. The story goes around a man who is looking for his perfect women simply just to marry her and have children with her but everything goes wrong whenever he’s in a relationship. In the beginning he finds a women with whom he falls in love at first sight but they break off and after the breakup she becomes one of the closest friend in their gang of 5. It is beautifully written and it surely will make your lady cry every once in a while.

10. Chuck

Story of man who by chance get all the CIA classified document in his brain when someone emails him a file. The only way CIA can get it out if he starts working for CIA as a consultant. But the plot revolves how he falls in love with his CIA handler and against all agencies, spies and agents they still manage to fall for each other and manage to keep their spark alive. This really is one roller coaster ride, the show has a litter and humorous tone to it all along and keep really make you fell things inside.