It wasn’t until WW1 when soldiers were tired of digging in their pockets that they decided to start wearing it on their wrist. Until then, a watch on the wrist was considered a women’s fashion trend. Today much like many other fashion staples watches are one of the most important accessories in a man’s wardrobe, a must have.

From the point of view of others a wristwatch is one of the first things other will notice about you.  It can increases the sex appeal, show you understand trends (or don’t), and give a glimpse of your economic status or personality. Now this makes choosing the right type of wristwatch a very important task.

Business Professional: Alessi AL13001

Alessi’s aim is to give life to new objects characterised by that mix of eccentricity and style, playfulness and culture, irony and elegance which has become synonymous with the Alessi name. One of the first licensing projects run by Alessi was “Alessi Watches”, with a launch that took place with the 2002 collection. But this part of the company history goes further back, to the 1980s, when two of the most famous architects who had already designed successful products for the Crusinallo-based factory were invited to work on the wristwatch theme: Achille Castiglioni and Aldo Rossi. The latter created “Momento”, a new version of which is presently included in the catalogue, while Achille Castiglioni designed “Record”, of which the present collection also includes a chronograph version.

Professional Casual: Nava Watch – Ora Unica

It is an accessory that makes fun of the time. Design lovers will recognise that imagination and humour is the distinguishing feature. ORA UNICA is an object to inspire curiosity and cannot pass unnoticed. Its detailing is refined by Nava for its spirit of irony. The design is clean and basic and achieves its ultimate expression in the unconventional reading of time. Ora Unica consists of a single line forming a graphic gesture (squiggle) where the two ends mark the hour and minute.

Techie Hipster: ZIIIRO Celeste Watch

The Celeste combines the beauty of color and form by displaying time using two transparent coloured discs. Overlapping both discs creates an array of stylish blue and grey. Comes together with a matte stainless steel casing and strap.

  • Transparent Colored Discs, Hour and Minute
  • Crown: 3 Hour Position
  • Movement: Japanese Miyota 1L-26, Hours, Minutes 32,768Hz; Two-pole stepping motor with accuracy of +/-2 s/month worn under normal circumstances

Mr Eco-Friendly: WeWood Watch

Show off your green thumb by wearing a watch made of all wood. The wood used in the watches is recycled; all comes from pre-consumer flooring planks. The wood is free of toxic chemicals or any stains/finish, making them safe to wear next to your skin. If you happen to work with a lot of males be warned, immature jokes will come referring to touching your wood.

Retro Classic: Casio Resin Digital Watch

A casual watch but durable and resilient enough for the active lifestyle. This sporty timepiece is inspired by designs from 1998 is fully stocked with an eight-digit calculator and a stopwatch, and is water resistant for up to 165 feet. The adjustable resin strap is comfortable and durable, the perfect accessory for an casual guy on the go.